Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Artificial Vision: Boosting Efficiency and Accuracy

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Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Artificial Vision

About the session:

In this webinar, our CIO &VP Mario Lopez Baratas is with Raymond Lo, AI Software Evangelist at Intel. We talk about the current challenges of Industry 4.0 in the implementation of innovative technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Vision in the production and manufacturing chain.

During the webinar, we discussed how manufacturers can use computer vision technologies to improve efficiency and accuracy in their production lines. They explore the potential benefits of implementing these technologies, including reduced costs, increased quality control, and improved safety for workers. The speakers also highlighted real-world examples of successful computer vision implementations in manufacturing and offer insights into how businesses can integrate these technologies into their own operations.

  •  Smart Manufacturing: Application of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision for the detection and reduction of errors in the production, manufacturing, and assembly chain. Intelligent systems for the assembly of parts minimize the margin of error in large-scale production. Optimizes and reduces manual work to increase and perfect the margin of production.
Industry 4.0
Artificial Vision & Machine Learning
Detection and reduction of errors in the production
Smart Manufacturing
Raymond Lo
AI Software Evangelist at Intel (Global Lead)
Mario López
Mario López
VP & CIO at Bravent