Microsoft webinar: AI Revolution: Empowering Business Leaders with Microsoft and Azure Open AI

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Empowering Business Leaders with Microsoft and Azure Open AI

About the session:

Download our session where we dive into the exciting world of Azure OpenAI and its generative potential. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Mario López, is joined by Jhoanna C Machado, Principal Program Manager Lead at Azure AI, discussing the AI revolution with Microsoft and Azure Open AI. We start the session by exploring Microsoft’s Leadership and Innovations through a concise introduction to Azure OpenAI.

Throughout the webinar, we’ll dive into the AI landscape, focusing on Microsoft’s leadership and innovations. We explore future trends and predictions for AI in businesses and provide insights from real-world examples and best practices for implementing AI. By the end of the event, attendees will get actionable insights and strategies to harness Azure Open AI with Microsoft. Furthermore, they’ll develop a deeper understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with AI.

Learn how to overcome challenges, maximize benefits, and seamlessly integrate Microsoft OpenAI into your business strategies. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to hear from industry experts, explore real business use cases, and gain valuable insights into the future of these cutting-edge technologies.

Download the video of the session!


Welcome and Introduction
Key Players in AI: Exploring Microsoft's Leadership and Innovations
The Future of AI in Businesses: Trends, Predictions, and Implications for the Digital Economy
Benefits and Challenges of Implementing AI with Azore Open AI: Real-world Examples and Best Practices
Live Demos: Showcasing the Potential and Practical Applications of Azure Open AI
Jhoanna C Machado
Principal Program Manager Lead - Azure AI Platform & Cognitive Services
Mario López Baratas
Mario Lopez
Chief Technology Officer at Bravent