Microsoft Mesh: Evolving Shared Experiences and Workplace Dynamics

March 14th, 4:00 PM EST

Microsoft Mesh: Evolving Shared Experiences and Workplace Dynamics

About the webinar:

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar where we’ll be discussing Microsoft Mesh.

It’s not just another innovation; it’s a solution that enables distributed teams to connect in ways never seen before within immersive spaces in Microsoft Teams. This means virtual meetings and events can now feel more akin to face-to-face connections.

Discover what makes Mesh such a powerful tool for your organization:

Immersive Spaces in Microsoft Teams

Discover the potential of the integration between Mesh and Teams, in the place where users work every day: With a single click, you’ll transform the two-dimensional (2D) meeting into a fully immersive 3D experience.

We’ll show you live how to use them and what the most important business cases are for companies. Make the most of immersive experiences for your company and your teams.

3D Digital Environments: Meaningful Connections in Shared Spaces

Immersive spaces possess unique attributes that create the sensation of being physically together in a 3D digital space. This includes spatial interaction, co-presence, and immersion.

This co-presence can lead to surprising conversational moments and even a deeper connection through shared experiences. 3D environments also eliminate distractions, allowing participants to focus on the essentials: the people and objects around them, leading to a greater sense of immersion.

Immersive spaces Microsoft Mesh

Implement immersive spaces in Mesh to create custom experiences that are tailored to your specific business needs such as employee events, training, guided tours, or internal product showcases.


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Brandon Kania
Program Manager for Mixed Reality & AI, Perception Commercialization at Microsoft
Mario López Baratas
Mario Lopez
Chief Technology Officer at Bravent