Benefits of using Azure

Our Cloud team will take charge of the management, support and administration of the infrastructures made available to our clients, ensuring service availability and the optimisation of resources.

Back-end of Apps

Development of complete back-end solutions in Azure for mobile applications, web applications or other types of solutions. Development of Web Apps, Notification Hubs, Application Insight, Cloud databases and much more.

Production infrastructure for developed applications

With Azure we can deploy and configure complete production environments in the cloud, automate the roll-out of versions and compilations. It is highly scalable, can be configured quickly and enables migration to the cloud by allowing access to environments.

Development and testing infrastructure

 Azure allows us to implement development and testing environments, Automatic Builds, the creation of new machines in only two minutes through the use of pre-configured images. It also makes it possible to schedule turning machines on and off to reduce costs and gives access to a hot backup system with different global data centres.

Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

We are official Azure providers. We take charge of managing and running your Azure subscription, we help you with 24/7 support and a guaranteed SLA of 99.9%.

Managed services

We will take charge of the governance of your Cloud solution with the involvement of your whole IT team. We guarantee higher levels of security and compliance with official regulations in your Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS).

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction

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